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I’ll be posting another blog on later today or tomorrow, but in the meantime, here are few snippets from around the grounds at the WTA Championships:

Fernando Verdasco was sitting in Ana Ivanovic's box for her first round match against Jelena Jankovic, putting to rest any lingering doubts that the two are sweethearts….However, rumors that Sven Groeneveld and Ivanovic are no longer working together is not true. He is here with her and will continue to coach her on a part-time basis….Talk about being in the tennis vacuum. I passed Oracene Price in the players' lounge and asked the mother of Venus and Serena if she had voted. She acted as if she didn't even know there was an election back home. "Is it going on?" she said….On the lighter side of things, we (journalists) did a desert tour today about 30-45 minutes outside of Doha complete with a camel ride, treacherous dune surfing in SUVs and even a swim in the Persian Gulf (jelly fish stings included). Below is a pic from the trip:


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  • 11/5/2008 6:15 AM roGER wrote:
    Thanks for the blog, Doug - hope the tennis is good.

    I dunno how much you care about cultural awareness, but if you do, I wouldn't wear shorts again. The locals will find it very amusing that the foreigner has gone out without any pants on!

    Free advice worth every penny (but in this case it happens to be true).
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  • 11/5/2008 5:01 PM Jessica wrote:
    Oracene Price is a Jehovah's Witness, so she probably didn't vote as they are discouraged from doing so or getting involved in politics.

    I know Serena didn't vote, and I presume Venus didn't either.
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  • 11/6/2008 6:45 AM Jane wrote:
    I read that Jehovah Witnesses aren't allowed to vote. Venus told a reporter (I think) in Doha. Orecene's reaction could be a result of that.
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  • 11/6/2008 4:48 PM Syd wrote:
    Thanks for the read Doug; actually fascinating stuff. Love to hear from the parents! Well, some people love the desert—think Ed Abbey, and some folks don't. But I'm sure it's a fascinating place nonetheless. Thanks for the tidbits too—Ivanovic & Verdasco. An odd couple may I say, but who knows? Maybe something long term will come of it. Not! a fan of Ivanovic's and horrified that she stopped when Vera was serving. She seems a little petulant.
    Cheers! Have a good time and hope you find some booze there.
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