Super Bust

I don’t know about you, but I’m darn happy to ram a stake in the heart of the 2007 NFL season, especially the frothy, two-week promo job between the conference championships and the Super Bowl.

It’s been a fine season with a dose of scandal (the Pat’s surreptitious filming), near-record dismal play (the Dolphins), tragedy (SeanTaylor), emotion (Terrell Owens) and possible perfection (the Pats again), among other notables.


But the drivel of hyperbolic and tangential news stories during the pre-bowl fortnight knows no end. Tom Brady captured walking with a foot cast!!! Plaxico Burress guaranteeing victory!!! Or in the case of today’s NYTimes, the hardworking folks in Ada, Ohio, who transform cowhide into balls for the big game!!! The din gets particularly loud when one of the teams hails from a major media center, or in the case of the Giants, THE media center.

Enough already. The rapt attention to the insignificant detritus surrounding the teams, the angle upon angles, and the semi-hysterical tone that accompanies every small “development” is Brittney and Lohan-esque.

It’s tiresome. It’s overblown. Frankly, it’s boring. And it most of the time it ends up robbing the season’s conclusion of any real dénouement.

That’s not to say I won’t be catching the game. Hey, it’s an American social event, a pseudo-holiday with cultural resonance, kind of like a Fourth of July barbecue with gobs of heartburn inducing junk food and plenty of booze to wash it down. Only in this case, the fireworks feel like they went off two weeks ago.


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  • 2/2/2008 5:44 PM Grant Johnson wrote:
    Sorry Doug, but your thousands of admirers downunder don't really give a damn about this NFL stuff, we've actually never heard of it! NFL has not made it here at all! If you really want to get us hooked on your blog how about some stories about Aussie Rules - then you'll get the downunder fans interested. The present Wayne Carey story would be a good one, as it involves his misdemeanours in both the US and Oz. He's now facing charges in both countries - what a fall from grace, for one who was one of our greatest footballers ever.
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